Year 5 Haven High visit

On Monday 16ht July year 5 were lucky enough to be chosen to visit Haven High Academy to take part in a special science and technology morning.
In the first session, the children learnt how to programme a small round robot to travel around a maze or obstacle course. We used I-pads to build a series of instructions which would tell the robot which direction to travel in, how far to travel and which speed to go in. It was good fun but very tricky.
We then went on the field to fly the drone over to the science block. Tyler was able to control the drone using a phone while the camera showed us the view that the drone had of the ground below- we looked like ants.
At the science block, we complete 5 different experiments using Bunsen burners, chemicals and test tubes. We made test tubes burp, fireworks explode and a smelly slime. In the next room, we watched as Mrs Harrison held fire in her hands- she looked like a wizard. It looked good but we know not to try it at home.
Thank you to Haven High’s ICT and science departments for a super and very educational morning.