Starfish’s Trip to Woodside Wildlife and Falconry Park

On Tuesday 20th June, Starfish class went to Woodside Wildlife and Falconry Park.  The day started off somewhat interesting with torrential down pours and thunderstorms, however by the time we arrived, the rain had stopped so that we could start our day of adventure.
After putting our bags (and lunches) in a safe place we set off to see our first animals.  The White Wolves were due to be fed, so we embarked on a mission to find their enclosure.  Once there, we marvelled in their magnificence, noticing their sharp carnivorous teeth waiting for their next feast!  Whilst we waited, groups nipped back to see the tapir which decided it liked us a lot!
Once the wolves had been fed, we walked around the outer edge of the park seeing lots of ducks and birds.  We stopped for some time to observe the capybara which looked like really large hamsters but had three rather gorgeous babies.
Our adventure didn’t stop there.  We noticed the time and quickly began to make our way to the animal show.  Here we met a fox (who was scared of a bin), a barn owl and even some rats who did a spot of tight rope walking.
It was then already time for our lunch.  We were on a very tight schedule, so there wasn’t much time for chatter as we really wanted to be first at the scene for the big cat feeding.  Julia, who is the most beautiful tiger ever was ready for her food.  She had horse meat and rabbit for lunch and showed us her pouncing skills and really huge paws!  She was very good at camouflage and she also had the biggest teeth we had ever seen!  I wonder if you can spot her in our pictures!
After seeing lots of other animals including birds, bats, crocodiles, deer and wild cats, it was time for us to head for our final activity.  We got great seats at the reptile handling where we saw and held snakes and lizards!  One snake particularly liked Brooklyn and tried to snuggle in her warm coat for a nap.
Returning back to school we were tired after a long day of walking but it was worth every moment!  The children were exceptionally well mannered and a credit to both the school and parents.