SEND information and Local Offer

At Fishtoft Academy we recognise that our pupils have a variety of needs. We are committed to the inclusion of all pupils in a broad and balanced curriculum, made accessible through differentiated activities and interventions.

We aim to ensure the identification of all pupils requiring Special Educational Needs provision as early as possible in their educational journey, to ensure they can access the curriculum and take as full a part as possible in school activities.

Our Academy works hard to ensure that all children with identified special educational needs and/or disabilities achieve their full potential by:

  • Writing individual education plans (IEPs) to ensure that your child has bespoke targets and provision to help them achieve.
  • Ensuring any intervention is of quality and meets the need of your child, additional from and different to the quality first teaching in the classroom.
  • Valuing pupil voice. Our children are asked regularly about their learning and are included in the review process.
  • Holding regular reviews with parents and carers to ensure collaborative learning.
  • Being committed to the SEND code of practice and ensuring that every child matters.
  • Sharing the expertise of specialists across our cluster for the benefit of all.
  • Working in partnership with outside agencies such as the Working Together Team and the Specialist Teaching Team.

Our SENCo, (Mrs Lilley), oversees the provision for children with Special Educational needs and/or disabilities within the Academy to ensure that individual needs are catered for.  She is contactable via the Academy office should you wish to speak with her.

The Local Offer

All local authorities are required to publish information about services available for children and young people (aged 0-25) with special educational needs and disabilities.

The local offer:

  • Provides information for families with children who have a special educational need or disability
  • Improves choice and transparency for these families
  • Helps professionals to understand the range of services and provision available locally
  • Improves joint commissioning arrangements for services by setting out in a single place what is available locally

Lincolnshire’s Local offer can be accessed here: