‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ – Mahatma Ghandi


At Fishtoft Academy we have a set of values that are both taught and promoted throughout all aspects of Academy life.  These are known as our ‘HEART’ values.

Our HEART values and PSHE curriculum have been devised with the aim of supporting the development of the ‘whole child’; assisting our learners to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attributes they need to become healthy, independent, and responsible global citizens of the future.

Our aim is to develop within our learners the ability to effectively manage many of the most critical opportunities, challenges, and responsibilities they will face whilst growing up in rapidly changing and often challenging times.

Implementation of PSED in EYFS

Personal, Social & Emotional Development is one of the prime areas of learning in EYFS and sits at the heart of our curriculum; encapsulated in our saying, ‘Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care!’

Learners develop a range of personal, social and emotional skills during their time in EYFS, which act as building blocks for later learning in PSHE. In addition to PSED, Personal, Social and emotional skills are also incorporated in the EYFS through the following areas of learning: ‘Communication & Language’, ‘Physical development’ and ‘Understanding the World’.

All learners are encouraged to listen, be kind to each other and share. They are supported in understanding their own feelings and in beginning to regulate their behaviours accordingly. They set and work towards simple goals and build their resilience, perseverance and independence. They learn to work and play cooperatively and show sensitivity to their own and others’ needs. 

Our learners are given both structured and independent opportunities to develop and apply these skills, with guided sessions including circle times, PSED sessions and our assemblies. We use the online platform ‘One Decision’ to guide our themes for PSED learning each half-term whilst also addressing the needs of the children as they occur. 

By the end of EYFS, we aim for our learners to be able to:

Implementation of PSHE in Years 1 – 6

PSHE is taught weekly using the 1decision Education Programme. This is based on the PSHE Association’s Programme of Study with emotional health and wellbeing woven within it. It covers all of the statutory elements of both health education (including puberty) and relationships education.

We have chosen this program due to the unique suite of resources it provides, which include a series of documentaries and real-life videos with alternative endings that enable our learners to explore a variety of PSHE-related challenging situations in a safe environment and in an age-appropriate manner.

The programme covers 8 key areas:

  • Keeping and staying safe
  • Keeping and staying healthy
  • Relationships
  • Being responsible
  • Feelings and emotions
  • Computer safety
  • Money matters
  • A world without judgement

By the end of Year 6 we aim for our learners to:

  • Have the confidence to share their own thoughts and opinions with others
  • Have the skills and attributes necessary to keep themselves healthy and safe
  • Develop the attitude of a responsible, global citizen
  • Show tolerance of others’ beliefs, religions, and life choices
  • Build positive, respectful relationships with other people

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