At Fishtoft Academy we recognise that sport can have a significant impact on both the physical, emotional and mental well-being of our learners. Our Physical Education (PE) curriculum is designed to inspire and engage all of our pupils into participating in regular physical activity; giving our learners the chance to develop healthy habits that we hope will last a lifetime.

Through the provision of a rich and varied PE curriculum, we intend to develop the knowledge, skills and competence of all pupils and provide them with the opportunities to excel in a broad range of sports and physical activities. Working in association with Elite Sports Coaching and our Local Sports Partnership, we aim to deliver high-quality teaching and learning that enables all children to achieve their personal best.

During their time at the Academy, learners will have the opportunity to participate in competitive sporting events and fixtures where they will have the chance to improve their tactical awareness, resilience and teamwork, yet most importantly, develop the skills of good sportsmanship.


At Fishtoft Academy, all pupils participate in two PE lessons each week focusing on games, gymnastics, dance or swimming. Our PE curriculum incorporates a variety of sports to ensure our learners have the chance to develop a wide skills set; whilst also building strength and enduranc

The core concepts we seek to develop in our pupils through our P.E. teaching are:

  • Acquiring Skills: To perform basic and advanced skills in a range of activities that develop muscular strength, flexibility and bone health including weight-bearing activities such as climbing, jumping, skipping, gymnastics, dance, circuits and sports such as basketball.
  • Problem Solving: Team building and logical thinking.
  • Tactical understanding and cooperation: To know how to outwit opponents through developing tactics and working together (games and athletics).
  • Benefits of exercise: To know that PE has both physical, mental and social benefits and that alongside a balanced diet, constitutes a healthy lifestyle.
  • Leadership: To know how to communicate, make decisions and lead with confidence.
  • Technology: To know how technology can be used to improve and enhance performance.

Additionally, we provide opportunities for all learners to engage in extra-curricular activities before and after school, in addition to competitive sporting events. This is an inclusive approach with the aim of encouraging not only physical development but also well-being.

What does PE look like at Fishtoft Academy?

  • Our core PE sports lessons are planned for and delivered by specialist sports coaches from Elite Sport Academy and focus on inclusion, challenge and progression.
  • The dance and gymnastics aspects of the curriculum are delivered by class teachers using plans developed by subject-specialist teachers. Staff have opportunities to participate in CPD sessions (including team-teaching with qualified dance and gymnastics teachers) whereby their knowledge and skills in relation to the teaching of PE can be developed further.
  • Pupils in Years 2 – 5 receive weekly swimming lessons as part of their P.E. offer for a long term each year, delivered by qualified swimming instructors at our local pool.

You can access a copy of our PE overview for the academic year 2021-22 here.