Design Technology

– ‘Design and Technology should be the subject where mathematical brainboxes and science whizzkids turn their bright ideas into useful products.’ James Dyson


At Fishtoft Academy, we aim to ensure Design and Technology is a practical, fun and engaging subject which utilises creativity and imagination; leading to our learners designing and making a range of structures, mechanisms, electrical systems, textile and food products that solve real and relevant problems.

While undertaking a variety of creative and practical cross-curricular projects, we teach the knowledge, skills and understanding needed through an interactive process of designing, making and evaluating.

Through these processes, we aim to nurture both learners’ practical skills and technical knowledge in relation to the above.

The academy’s values are reflected in the collaborative nature of Design and Technology with tasks containing problem-solving skills and challenge for all. Where relevant, we work in a cross-curricular nature to ensure effective application to give relevance and purpose to the learning.

Implementation of Design Technology in EYFS

In EYFS, Design and Technology knowledge and skills are largely developed under the following areas of learning: ‘Physical Development’ and ‘Expressive Arts & Design’. From the earliest stage, learners are encouraged to explore the properties of materials and how they can be used and combined creatively and purposefully. Learners are encouraged to reflect on their creations and how they can be improved. Our classrooms have designated, independent, creative areas. Here our learners can explore cutting, assembling, attaching and manipulating materials imaginatively, experimenting with colour, design, texture, form and function. They develop skills using a variety of tools that have first been modelled by staff and are supported in mastering and adapting these skills safely.

By the end of EYFS, we aim for our learners to be able to:

As our learners progress through the academy, teachers utilise a combination of skills-focused sessions and modelling of techniques to support the children’s development in Design and Technology.

Implementation of Design Technology in Year 1 – Year 6

As our learners progress through the Academy, teachers utilise a combination of skills-focused sessions and modelling of techniques to support the children’s development in Design and Technology.

​Click here to access our long-term overview for DT.

We follow the National Curriculum for Design Technology 2014.  Design technology is taught to all learners by class teachers in blocked units of work (One per long term), linked to our wider curriculum themes.  These units of work have been planned using the Academy’s knowledge and skills progression ladders and the Design and Technology Association’s ‘Project on a page’ materials. Within each year of our rolling programme, food and product design is taught, whilst textiles is taught within every 2-year cycle.  Computer-aided design (CAD) &  Control Technology is included within the upper school cycle.

​Click the link below to see what our Curriculum Drivers look like in Design Technology:

DT Curriculum Drivers

You can download our knowledge and skills progression ladder for DT by clicking the link below:

DT Knowledge and Skills Progression Ladder

You can find out more about how our DT curriculum supports the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Emotional development of our learners by clicking below:

SMSC in Design Technology

Curriculum Overview DT