Athlete Visit

On Wednesday 23rd January an Olympic speed skater called Kathryn Johnson came to Fishtoft Academy to tell us all about how she became an Olympic Athlete as well as sharing some of her Olympic experiences. She taught us about never giving up, how to keep trying when it gets tough and what happens when even a world champion feels it is too hard but keeps going. After the talk, each class touched her speed skating suit and medal and then tried some of her skating exercises. It was very hard- especially to stay still and not wobble as well to complete a lap of the room using the duck walk. It needed strong leg muscles and a lot of determination to not stop and give up- just like a real athlete. It was great to meet her and inspired lots of us to keep going, show resilience and to aim high to complete our dreams.

During the afternoon, we raised some money to go towards supporting athletes in all areas. The due date for money to be in school is Thursday 31st January.

Keep your eyes on this space and we will tell you how much our school has raised to support a worthy and interesting charity.