Year 5 Haven High visit

On Monday 16ht July year 5 were lucky enough to be chosen to visit Haven High Academy to take part in a special science and technology morning.
In the first session, the children learnt how to programme a small round robot to travel around a maze or obstacle course. We used I-pads to build a series of instructions which would tell the robot which direction to travel in, how far to travel and which speed to go in. It was good fun but very tricky.
We then went on the field to fly the drone over to the science block. Tyler was able to control the drone using a phone while the camera showed us the view that the drone had of the ground below- we looked like ants.
At the science block, we complete 5 different experiments using Bunsen burners, chemicals and test tubes. We made test tubes burp, fireworks explode and a smelly slime. In the next room, we watched as Mrs Harrison held fire in her hands- she looked like a wizard. It looked good but we know not to try it at home.
Thank you to Haven High’s ICT and science departments for a super and very educational morning.

Kingswood Residential Year 6 Trip 2018

The Year 6 Children enjoyed a fantastic trip to Kingswood. They took part in various activities that were challenging but fun at the same time. Lots of children conquered their fear of heights as they took part on the Zip Wire or climbing wall – it was great to see them working as a team and encouraging each other to keep trying! There were also team challenges such as Nightline and Obstacle Challenge where they had to work together as well as archery and swimming – it really was an action-packed weekend!


Sports Day 2018

Fishtoft Academy enjoyed taking part in a Sports Day held at Carlton Road Academy this year. The afternoon was a great success and all the children took part in a wide range of races. Many parents came to watch and we enlisted the help of staff and children from Carlton Road Academy in order to ensure things ran smoothly. Thank you for hosting us – we had a lovely afternoon racing!

After tallying up the scores it was announced that the winning team were the GREEN team – well done greens!


BWAF Fest 2018

On Saturday 23rd June 2018 some of the Y5 and Y6 children from the Sharks class had the opportunity to perform on stage at The Gilderdrome in order to represent Fishtoft Academy at the BWAF fest. The children, along with their teachers, performed a song using the djembe drums which took us all aboard the Fishtoft train to Africa!

This fabulous event included performances from all seven primary schools across the Trust as well as Haven High Academy and the fabulous Boston Youth Jazz Orchestra! The event was well-attended and all the schools taking part were a credit to the federation. A big thank you goes to Mrs Cooper who has been busy teaching the children their weekly music lessons this year – the children from Fishtoft Academy were amazing!

We’re hoping photos taken at the event will soon be made available for us all to see so please watch this space!


Capture the Flag Dolphins

Children from the Dolphin Class took part in Capture the Flag competition at Tollfield. Capture the flag is a traditional outdoor game where two teams each have a flag and the objective is to capture the other team’s flag, located at the team’s “base,” and bring it safely back to their own base.  They played against a number of other schools, all much larger than ours. Despite it being a very hot day, the children showed great stamina and speed when playing and worked together as a team, using the strategies that they were taught.  We all had a great time and won a game against Pioneers (but they won in our second game against them). At the end all children shook hands and congratulated the other teams. As always, the Dolphins were well behaved and represented Fishtoft with Pride. Well done!

Ark Wildlife Park

The Dolphin class visited Ark Wildlife Park at Stickney. We had a great day! We saw a wide range of animals from giant rabbits, hare, guinea pigs and budgies to wallabies, meerkats, lamas, goats, foxes, and so much more. We also saw a range of reptiles such as lizards, snakes, terrapins and even an alligator. In addition, the children even had their own session with one of the reptile handlers. All children showed great interest and asked many questions to add to what they have already learnt about animals and their habitats. It was a real educational experience whilst having lots of fun.

Despite the sweltering heat, the children were fantastic! A real credit to Fishtoft! All children showed great enthusiasm and interest. As well as seeing the animals we spent time in the play areas, both indoors and out. All of the children played together with great excitement while having lots of fun.

Gainsborough Old Hall

The Sharks enjoyed visiting Gainsborough Hall to find out about life in Tudor times.

They had a tour of the Hall, dressed up as various characters from Tudor times, visited the kitchen to learn how a feast was prepared, and then recreated a Tudor style feast, fit for a King.

Students performed a royal Tudor dance to entertain the King. Other students dressed as jesters to juggle and tell jokes for the King. The King had a royal taster to test all food and drink before it was presented to the King.

Ofsted Inspection July 2018

We have been notified by Ofsted that the Academy will be inspected on 03 July 2018. Copies of the parent letter and the document ‘School Inspections – a Guide for Parents’ are available using the links below.

Letter to parents

School inspections – a guide for parents_200618

If you are a registered parent or carer of a pupil at the school (including pupils on sick leave or who are temporarily excluded), you can tell us your views about the school by completeing Ofsted’s online survey, Parent View, at: