Exciting Times Ahead!

Fact: Fishtoft Academy is a wonderful place to work and learn. Why? Well where do I begin? Let’s begin with the children who you entrust into our care. Obviously, there is the incredibly hardworking staff who go above and beyond to provide the best they possibly can for the children. We have supportive parents and governors and a community beyond the immediate school, who make Fishtoft Academy and all that we do feel truly valued. Beyond the children and people involved with the school, we move onto the elements which are less tangible and based around values, feelings and day to day observations. At Fishtoft, we really are one big family who revel in the successes of one another and rally around in times of need. Every adult who visits the school, mentions the genuinely warm, welcoming feeling which emanates through the building and the visible sense of pride for Fishtoft Academy, from the children. The sense of belonging which this creates is special and a fabulous foundation upon which staff can build to create confident, passionate children who take responsibility for their learning and strive to achieve goals and aspirations for their future. In the words of the children: ‘You don’t have to be the biggest to be the best. At Fishtoft Academy we may be small but we are MIGHTY!’